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Are you looking for IRS Tax Relief Help?

You have Come to the Right Place.

Joe Mastriano P.C., a Tax Resolution Company 

Protecting Businesses and Individuals for over 35 Years



Are you needing help with IRS Taxes?
Scared of taking on the IRS by yourself?
Are law firms and debt relief companies contacting you?

Law firms use scare tactics to get your business. The only time you need an attorney is after you are charged with a criminal act. We have never had a client charged with criminal acts, under our watch, no matter what they did. Non-CPA firms use commission sales people who get paid up to 30% of what you pay them, and rely on false promises just to get big commissions for themselves.

Don’t be scared! We will help you. You do not have to be a victim of your circumstances.

Did you know that dealing with an IRS audit, payment plan or any IRS communication yourself only makes matters worse? They often misquote the law to intimidate you into overpaying and letting them levy anytime they want.

The solution to being successful when dealing with an IRS audit, payment plan, unfiled tax returns, or any IRS matter can’t be found by consulting with your tax preparer or researching advice on the Internet. You need a Certified Public Accountant whose expertise is in IRS tax law. You need Joe Mastriano P.C. We represent many tax preparation companies who are in trouble with the IRS themselves.

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The Joe Mastriano P.C. Firm is a Tax Resolution Company that has the knowledge and experience to help with IRS Tax help.


For over 35 years Joe Mastriano, a licensed CPA, and his expert team have successfully represented thousands of taxpayers who needed help just like you do now. In fact, many taxpayers he helped are attorneys and accountants.

Resolving IRS Tax Problems successfully requires many years of IRS case experience. The Joe Mastriano P.C. Firm has that experience.


Joe is a member of the Rotary CLub, who’s mission includes promoting integrity, fellowship, and good will.

IRS tax laws change all the time. It is important to have someone on your side who cares, who will protect you, and who is up to date on the latest tax law.


For the solution to your IRS Tax Relief matter…
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No matter what your or your company’s income or situation is, Joe Mastriano P.C. has the solution for you.


Think how wonderful it will be once this IRS Tax Relief issue is over! Joe Mastriano, CPA will do that for you!
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Over 35 years of Tax Resolution experience
  • IRS Resolution Professional
  • Thousands of successful IRS tax cases
  • Referral source for other CPA’s and attorneys
  • Serves Clients Nationally

I was in a very bad financial situation due to a divorce and my ex was very irresponsible. I signed up for a consultation with Joe, and after talking to him I decided to hire him. He and his office helped me out tremendously!

Susan A.
Atlanta, GA

I had a tough year financially and ended up in trouble with the IRS. It seemed like I would never get out from under the situation but fortunately, Joe and his staff knew what to do. He also gave me many tips on how to avoid audits and improve my financial situation. I will be back next tax season!
Steven A.
Cedar Park, TX


I am a real estate appraiser and have been in business in Austin, Texas for the past 37 years. Joe consulted with me last week for a one hour telephone conversation.  I asked tax related questions to better understand a specific tax issue and Joe brought his 30+ years of IRS and accounting experience, combined with common sense, to the call.  At the end of the call, I felt as though we had thoroughly discussed the issue and agreed upon a solid business decision regarding this specific tax matter.

For anyone seeking advice from a CPA regarding IRS or tax related issues, I would recommend Joe Mastriano.
Joyce L
Austin TX

Don’t be Scared!
Let Us Solve Your Tax Problem & Protect You from Future Issues.
CALL NOW:   713-774-4467

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Joe Mastriano P.C., A Tax Resolution Company
Protecting Businesses and Individuals for over 35 Years
It is our philosophy that the more you have control of your life the better you are able to make important financial decisions. We will continue to blog about the IRS, tax matters, and personal matters that benefit you. We do not believe that you should entertain yourself with a whole lot of “News” and the next marriage of Kim Kardashian. We believe that what you feed your mind determines how successful you are at meeting your goals. Please enjoy this blog as we slowly weed out most of the “news” from past years and give you information that will be valuable to you. Information so valuable, that you will watch yourself doing things like filing and paying your taxes on time, not getting involved in schemes to avoid paying taxes, and in general not allowing yourself to be victimized by people who take advantage of people who have IRS problems, namely “debt relief companies”. They are not professionally licensed companies with the state they reside in. They lie on their websites, lie to review companies, hire salespeople who lie to potential customers, and they switch companies when they are found out. We frequently get calls from people who hire these companies based on excellent internet ratings, not realizing that the ratings can be bought. You must only deal with a professionally licensed CPA firm so you have reasonable assurance of their intention and their regulation.


The firm of Joe Mastriano, P.C. has been here since 1980

Let’s face it, companies come and go. Don’t’ you ate using a company and then finding out that they are out of business? We will never be out of business. Sometimes employees don’t work out as planned. No relationship lasts forever. There are always some regrets when that happens. However, Joe’s life work is helping people. This is evidenced in his membership in the Sugar Land Rotary, whose motto is “service before self”. Take a look at our 4 way test

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